Air Conditioner Facts You Need To Know

Basically, humans need a comfortable air because in theory, the air is comfortable air that has a temperature of 31 degrees and has an air humidity of 60%. But that is just a theory, in fact, the level of one’s air comfort is relative. So when you install air conditioning in the room with adequate ventilation, so the air circulation remains smoothly, it means to renovate the existing room? No need to bother and impose excessive spending. Simply open the door of the room, not open without closed, but opened periodically, for example, opened every 3 hours for a few minutes for circulation to happen and keep your breathing healthy. Also with AC conditions that must be routinely treated in order not to cause disease and keep it clean, if there are any signs of your AC broken, then you can contact us because we are ready to help you for 24 hours for protection and care for your air conditioner.

How do you understand the true usability of AC? AC in question is not as air conditioning but air conditioning absorbs the air that is in the room. The absorbed air is then exhaled in accordance with the conditioned air conditioned users in the room. If you ask, where is the hot air roaming indoors? Thrown out. That means you suck the outdoor air into the room, do not you? No. Since AC is basically a device that creates a comfortable room temperature for you and that you stay healthy using air conditioning then you have to routinely care for your air conditioner to keep it dirty and cause many diseases.