Business Opportunities Advertising in Car

Starting from a fad, car signage is a new innovation in the advertising world that brings together advertisers and media providers of advertising by car as a publication medium. Through car signage, the company can put ad stickers on partner car signage cars that have joined. On the other hand, for vehicle owners, this becomes a new business opportunity, making the car as an advertising medium. Car owners who join the partners will also get a share of the benefits as compensation to millions of dollars per month. Partners car signage is given the freedom to accept advertising offers as they wish and drive their cars as usual without interrupting daily activities. Business opportunities are also still quite wide open because based on statistics, spending on outdoor advertising continues to increase every year. Spending in 2015 alone is even above 300 million US dollars. This figure shows that outdoor advertising consumption is a preference among business people. For this reason, the car signage service is very precise.

How to use the car to increase your next income is to rent a car daily. If you have a regular job on weekdays, you can rent a car by the end of the week. Given that this is not a business unit large enough and prone to insecurity, then it’s good you choose exactly who will be customers. As much as possible choose someone you already know or referenced by the family. To keep the car, you can also double as a driver. So, you get two income ie as a driver and a car renter.