Depression So Major Health Problems in the World

Mental disorders depression is now a major health problem in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), currently, more than 300 million people worldwide live with depression. A large number of people suffering from depression makes this condition defeat disease as a major health problem. This large number is an alarm for all countries to rethink their approach to mental health. On World Health Day which is celebrated on April 7, WHO has the theme of Depression: Let’s Talk. Depression is not the ups and downs of the mood or the emotional response to stress in everyday life. Depression has a major symptom of a mood decline and a sense of hopelessness that lasts for two weeks and disrupts social function and activity. You can get inner peace by joining us at

There are various causes of depression, such as brain disorders, as well as negative experiences in life, such as the death of a loved one, loss of work, or being severely ill. Prolonged depression with moderate or severe levels can be a serious illness. At worst, depression can lead to suicide. Nearly 800,000 people die annually from suicide.