Filter on outdoor unit Ac split

The Drier filter includes a filter/filter and drier / vapor absorber (drier). So filter drier serves to filter the dirt/metal powder in the system and also absorbs water vapor so it does not participate circulating in pipes in the system TSB. If there is only a filter in it, it is called “Filter”. In a small AC Split unit, there is usually only a filter before a capillary pipe other than a filter in the Accumulator heating and cooling Grand Rapids. No drier / dryer / vapor absorber. Specifically, the definition of AC (Air Conditioner) is a machine that is used to cool the air by way of circulating refrigerant gas is in the pipe that is in the press and in suction by the compressor.

As for the reason why refrigerant gas is selected as the material in circulation, that is because this material is volatile and its shape can be fluid, liquid and gas. Therefore if you need service both installation and maintenance of your air conditioning, we are from the heating and cooling Grand Rapids ready to help you anytime.

The heat in the condenser pipe comes from the refrigerant gas which is pressed by the compressor so that the material becomes hot and in the Automatic Expansion Valve section of the pipe where the refrigerant gas circulation is smaller, so the pressure increases and the pipe evaporator becomes cold. In terms of shape, AC Split has two parts namely indoor and outdoor, compressor on AC Split is located on the outdoorsy and has a fan as a tool to reduce the heat on the condenser pipe.