Which one is more important, mental or physical health?

Some say mental health is more important or vice versa. But, in practice, the function of the soul and body cannot be explained separately. Because, both are systems that together, although different, but complementary. Therefore, maintaining the balance of mind and body health is very important. For example, a person who works with the mind, such as a writer, an accountant, etc., does not mean that his body is less functioning. If they get a toothache, their brain will be disturbed. So it is with the soul. According to a study of The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center, less well-managed stress can speed up aging. Because our bodies release excessive free radicals. You need to give a rest to your soul because then you will avoid the problem of depression and anxiety disorders. You can contact us to get the best treatment of mental health. Visit our website to find out more info at ayahuascahealings.com/.

So there is a relationship between mental health and body fitness. For example, simple health tips that exercise that can foster the spirit of learning. While playing for children can improve the work of the brain. If listening to the advice of some experts who have been published by the site or general reference in psychology and education, it turns out there are a number of simple activities that if we do with consciousness and routine can contribute fitness of body and soul.