How To Install Google Adsense Ads

Google Adsense advertising on Blogspot has a big influence on revenue for a blog, advertising in a strategic position is certainly very profitable for the publisher google adsense, this is because revenue google Adsense calculated how many clicks on ads placed on a blog, installation ads in the middle of the blog post article is a place or a favorite area of ??the bloggers. This is because visitors will be more focused to read the article on the blog, which is the strategy of installing two ads in the middle of blog post articles is a great way to get closer to the ad with visitors because it has a greater possibility of clicks when compared with other areas. If you want to install iklan google in a professional way, then you should hire our services.

Google Adsense implements a very strict TOS (Term of Service) on Google Adsense publishers primarily related to the content of a blog, which should not violate intellectual property rights and SOPA and POPA rules in the United States. Adsense Installation in the middle of article posting is not included violation category because the modification of javascript code google Adsense just changes the javascript code into HTML CSS code (Parse). Why is that because the CSS Blog template structure cannot accept javascript code directly or cannot be installed on blogger, and must change some Javascript code into HTML Blogger CSS Code.