How to use the correct AC to be more durable and save electricity

How to use the correct AC so electricity is not too wasteful and the AC life so long? This should be socialized because very many of our customers are making a fatal mistake when using AC. After that, they blame the AC brand they bought aircon servicing. Make sure the AC PK is sufficient for the room. This is the most classic problem in the use of air conditioning. We have explained clearly and with an easy-to-understand language in the article calculating the needs of the room air conditioner. The air conditioner compressor has to work the new maximum the room can get cold. When you have problems with your room air conditioner, you should contact aircon servicing to repair your air conditioner. Because we provide full warranty service and qualified certification officer.

Leave the compressor oil and freon gas back to the compressor first and rest for at least 1 minute. Undoubtedly your compressor life will be longer. How to use the correct AC is one of the most effective ways to extend the life of your air conditioner compressor. This is the biggest mistake when you use AC. Remember AC is Air Conditioner and not Air Cooler. should use AC with remote temperature 24 and Fan speed 1 or 2 is more than enough cold. If we go to the Cold Mall AC? Cold right? Try asking their Mall managers what temperature setting is the air conditioner? Only 25 degrees. Why cold? because Btu AC Mall is much larger than the room needs.