Cleaning the soft drink stain from your carpet

Carpet washing you can do once, per six months with special soap carpets is sold in stores. Change the carpet position
you, at least 2-3 months until the trampled person will change position, and it can make the carpet more durable. If you are too
bother to clean it yourself, bring your carpet to the laundry, do not let it dirty. Meanwhile, don’t forget to consider to call the best carpet cleaners, and you may check out to find the recommended one in Sydney.

How to clean the soft drink stain

If your carpet is stained from a soft drink spill, wipe it clean otherwise the stain will become permanent on the carpet. This way it can you do to clean the soft drink stains on your carpet. Immediately wipe the soft drink liquid, then spray the mixture solution. a tablespoon of ammonia and 150cc of water, ensuring the sprayed liquid does not penetrate to the bottom of the carpet. Scrub circularly the stain slowly with a solution of dish soap, it should be remembered rub gently slow because if too tight it will make the carpet quickly broken, dissolve 1/2 tablespoons dishwashing liquid soap into one liter of water as a mixture of ingredients to clean the carpet, then rinse with water and immediately dry.