Diet mistakes to avoid

While it’s right running diet program doesn’t mean you cut the nutrient intake. Generally speaking, you can keep on enjoying your meals with the help of dr sebi food list. Choosing the foods to add to your diet list can confuse you. That’s why you must get the tips from an expert. For your information, some foods are good for certain diet programs and health conditions while others are not. There are some things to avoid during your diet program.

Reduce the portion of food

Restricting portions of food is one of the best known and widely practiced diet ways, but if your body demands to eat more, then you should follow that body’s request. It does not mean you have to eat a lot but avoid eating too little portion. too small to make the body become more wanted later. Meanwhile, when you stop to eat small portions of the body weight will quickly rise again.

Chewing gum

Some say that chewing gum before meals can withstand hunger. But actually chewing gum contains calories that can actually increase the number of calories in the body. So, if indeed you are hungry then you better enough your food needs rather than having to hold hungry in various ways. After that, you stop before your stomach is too full. That way you can run the diet without the need to hold hungry.

Provide rewards

Usually, people who diet give rewards for the body because it has survived to eat food in small portions for 6 days a week. The reward is to let the body eat good food once a week. But it’s as mentioned above It will add more calorie folds to more so your diet program becomes a failure and must be repeated again. If you have this, of course, you become lazy to implement the diet again. Therefore, then you keep hungry for a week and vent in one day it is better to balance the nutrients every day of the week.