For Treated Rheumatic

Life is often unfair, gentlemen. You are sad, disappointed and fallen. But do you know that the injustice makes you think? Indeed many are created just to leave after coming. The proof that the heart needs to be trained for sudden sorrow-the one who never tries to understand is usually only demanding, willing to understand, slowly leading. Like an angel custody. Should feel hurt when it is treated?

But some stories do have to end. Not because it was planned, but there must be a new story that begins. Do not ever worry that something will change and then get disappointed. You only need to feel it first because there are tears that must fall, there is a heart that must be broken, there is a presence that must be removed, there must be traversed to be understood. On what we would consider “God joking,” there are always good things that we can get when we understand “why” why we experience them. Because life is only limited to slicing away; then left with full sincerity.