How to Prevent Diabetes

Fung and his colleagues conducted research on women who had not yet developed diabetes. In that study, they found that the higher the intake of a person’s magnesium the fasting insulin level becomes lower. Yes, good insulin sensitivity is present in people who have high magnesium intake as well. Keeping insulin remains sensitive is important because in most cases diabetes is found insulin hormone is not sensitive so that the sugar difficult to enter the body. This is supported by other researchers namely Song et al. Who found that high intake of magnesium in obese women can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. How to obtain magnesium? To benefit from magnesium we can eat foods rich in fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and beans that are the main source of magnesium. Aside from that, visiting helps you to find a good supplement for diabetes.

Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Are you actively exercising? Some long-term studies consistently find that the more active we exercise, the more likely we will be free from type 2 diabetes mellitus. Exercise makes our bodies adapt easily to problems that affect chronic illness. By exercising regularly means we help our pancreas (the organ that produces the hormone insulin) to work better. Physical exercise or exercise also improves blood sugar levels by muscles. Thus sports directly or indirectly play a role in preventing diabetes.