Advantages of Using Satellite Internet

VSAT excellence that includes the farthest reach, can reach half the surface of the earth because it uses relays from satellites. The disadvantages, among others, are susceptible to weather interference, take place (dish/parabola), have a higher level of latency than wires and due to the distances between the satellites and the relatively distant earth resulted in significant propagation delay. One of the internet service providers that have satellite-based satellite is Mangoesky. Further information can be found at

Because now the internet is a mandatory requirement for people in the world then also provided Wifi service. Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, the term Wi-Fi in English is synonymous with WLAN (wireless local area network). Therefore Wi-Fi is also known to connect to the Internet using the nearest access point (hotspot). The access point is usually connected to the BTS (Base Transceiver Station) which is the cellular signal transmitter tower. In essence, there is no network technology that stands alone, but will always be connected. As the meaning of the Internet means communication network. Every technology has its advantages and disadvantages, for example from the aspect of installation and operational costs or from ideological and cultural aspects. Selection of important technology systems takes into consideration the information security factor.